Touching a Billion Lives: A Monumental 52 Weeks For Tanla


2021 was a year like no other. It challenged us, shaped us, and called on every member of Team Tanla to show up in a big way.

Even with the pandemic surging and changing lives irreversibly, our team persevered at every turn to make 2021 a banner year for Tanla and all our stakeholders, especially our customers. Our teams made sure our customers never experienced any lapses in service, were extremely well taken care of and supported at every step of the way through the pandemic.

We made incredible technological advancements that touched billions of lives, forged key partnerships to further our vision of a better society driven by technology, and smashed through several key financial targets.


Lighthouse in the Storm (How the pandemic challenged us, and how we responded)

During the second phase of the pandemic, the nation’s need was dire, and prompt vaccination was at a premium. We knew that meeting the technological requirements to support the delivery of 100 crore vaccine doses in double-quick time was going to be a major challenge, but it was a challenge that we were confident to meet head-on due to the strength of our team and our platforms.

Tanla’s Blockchain-based Communication Platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) was the engine that powered the swift dissemination of OTPs for vaccine registration and links to view vaccination certificates through the National Informatics Centre. Basically, every time you received a communication from CoWin, it was Tanla technology that made it happen.

We also helped in the distribution of post-vaccination communication by the National Health Portal.

As the vaccination drive kicked into high gear, so did our technology platform, delivering a few billion messages in conjunction with CoWin. These SMSes made it so that each citizen would have access to their vaccine certificates at their fingertips. At one point, the platform was handling 30,000 vaccine transactions per second, delivering SMS messages instantly for each transaction.

We are proud to have played a vital part in the prompt delivery of 1 billion vaccine doses when India needed it the most.


We’ll be completely carbon neutral by 2025

We have always had a holistic view of the future and in 2021, we reaffirmed our commitment to creating a sustainable environment that is enriched by technological innovation without adversely impacting nature.

To this end, as part of our ESG commitments and in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals laid out by the United Nations, we vow to make our operations totally carbon neutral by 2025.

We have already made major strides towards this goal in 2021 by planting 5,000+ trees. Our target is to plant 25,000 trees in the next two years!

We incorporated Tanla Foundation, our CSR subsidiary, as a non-profit organization to strengthen our sustainable operations focus.


Trubloq scrubs 1.1 billion messages in one day, breaks new grounds for secure and spam-free communication

Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) or the misuse/exploitation of customer data through unethical means for revenue generation is the single biggest problem the commercial communication space faces today. With commercial communication expected to grow to around 2.7 trillion instances by 2022, combating spam and fraud is more important than ever before.

We are extremely motivated to provide a customer-first experience and minimize spam, fraud, and privacy breaches. We introduced the world’s first blockchain-enabled communications stack to combat the UCC problem – Trubloq. Our platform focuses on accountability in transactions by leveraging our AI and machine-learning systems to identify suspicious patterns, flag fraudulent behaviour, eliminate unregistered entities and ensure data privacy.

For the end-user, this means robust management of privacy, user consent, user preferences and user complaints. By building a trustworthy ecosystem that automatically filters fraudulent activities that happen. Through the encryption of message content such as OTPs and transaction alerts, the end-user experience is greatly enhanced since Trubloq ensures all commercial communications are directed only through registered and verified telemarketers.

Trubloq has since become an integral part of the regulatory ecosystem and has been adopted by several key players. As the market leader, Tanla has continued to stage awareness initiatives such as workshops, roadshows and training programs to bridge any gaps between regulators and stakeholders.

In 2021, we hit the monumental milestone of scrubbing 1.2 billion messages in a single day! Trubloq is the single-largest implementation of blockchain use case processing – 350 billion transactions per year.

We are continually improving the platform in line with our underlying mission – ‘No Spam, No Fraud, Yes Privacy’.


We launched Wisely co-developed by Microsoft, VI Partners with Tanla for International Messaging

Building on the success of Trubloq, we worked with Microsoft to build Wisely – a cloud-based, enterprise-grade, edge-to-edge Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) that leverages cryptography, blockchain, AI and Machine Learning to deliver private, secure, and trusted experiences for consumers, global enterprises, suppliers, and regulators.

Wisely offers a digital marketplace to bring together all stakeholders and connect them via secure express routes and Microsoft’s global network powered by Tanla’s patented cryptographic technology. The blockchain ensures total regulatory compliance, complete transparency and zero dispute settlements.

For end-users, commercial communication they receive often contains sensitive information which can be vulnerable to data breaches, unauthorized user profiling, phishing, and man-in-the-middle attacks. Wisely circumvents this process with its edge-to-edge network and a single source of truth, ensuring that the user’s personal data stays personal, and they are empowered with trust and choice. This means less spam, less scepticism, and an enhanced commercial communication experience for the end-user.

As a part of this push, we were granted a patent for our invention ‘Messaging Platform for Auditable Transmission of Messages from Sender Application Server to Recipient Application server’. This patent addresses the lack of transparency in commercial communication.

We are proud to announce our partnership with Vodafone India Limited (VI) whereby Tanla will be the exclusive solutions provider to secure, encrypt and increase performance for the entire international messaging traffic on the VI Network. India’s international messaging market is estimated to be around INR 3500 crores annually.

This partnership between VIL and Tanla is a massive step forward for the global digital interactions space and will reimagine the future of the messaging industry in India. We are confident that the Wisely platform offers a best-in-class solution that can potentially deliver a huge boost in ROI and conversions and our commitment to continuous innovation will help expand our global footprint to serve enterprises across the world.


Gartner recognizes Tanla as a leading CPaaS vendor, the only Asian company to be featured as a Developer

In Gartner’s latest 2021 CPaaS market guide, Tanla Platforms Limited was recognized as a key global solutions provider in the CPaaS space and is the only Asian company to be recognized under the Developer category. Tanla has also been recognized in Gartner’s “2021 Competitive Landscape - Communications Platform as a Service” and was selected due to the prominence of our Wisely platform and the unique features it offers. To be featured on this illustrious list is a testament to our status as a market leader and innovator in this space.


On the financial side, 2021 was a banner year for us. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. FY 20-21, Q4
  • INR 648.6 Crore Revenue, an increase of 24%
  • INR 134.0 Crore Operating Profit, an increase of 129%
  • INR 102.5 Net Profit
  • Earnings per share of INR 7.54
  1. FY 21-22, Q1
  • INR 626.4 Crore revenue, a growth of 38% YoY
  • INR 134.5, a growth of 79% YoY
  • INR 104.5 Net Profit, a growth of 33% YoY (Second successive quarter of 100 Crore+ net profit)
  • Cash and Cash Equivalents was INR 717.11 Crore, up from 247.02 Crore
  • Revenues from our top 20 customers grew 31% YoY, contributing to 66% of overall revenue
  • FTSE Russel/ to include Tanla in its Global Equity Index series w.e.f March 22, 2021
  1. FY 21-22, Q2
  • INR 841.6 Crore revenue, an increase of 44% YoY
  • INR 230.2 Crore gross profit, an increase of 71% YoY
  • Gross margin at 27.4%, an improvement of 440 basis points YoY
  • Earnings per share increased by 72% to INR 10.04
  • Revenue from >1crore + Customers grew by 46% YoY

2021 was a year that demanded the best from every member of Team Tanla, and the team delivered spectacularly. Across every conceivable metric, we outperformed our expectations. We are now listed on two national exchanges – the NSE and the BSE – and included in prestigious indices such as the Nifty 500, BSE 500, FTSE Russell, MSCI PWR and the newly launched Nifty India Digital Index.

We came through trying times in the pandemic and demonstrated the strength of our platform to aid the nation’s titanic push towards 1 billion vaccine doses. The positive feedback we received about the lives we have touched during this campaign is something we cherish deeply.

Heading into 2022, we are incredibly excited for what is to come. With the growth of Wisely, Trubloq and all the other innovations that are powered by us, we hope to continue breaking new ground in the commercial communication space.

We are confident that 2022 will be another year where our strategic partnerships bloom within India and worldwide. It will be another 52 weeks of unwavering commitment by every member of Team Tanla to the betterment of all our stakeholders, ushering in a new era of a society that is sustainably powered by technological innovation.

2021 was just the beginning. The best is yet to come.



Team Tanla