From Campus to Corporate – Journey of Tanla’s Youngest Developers


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The switch from campus life to corporate life is never easy. There is plenty to learn and to unlearn, as there will be new challenges to face and huge obstacles to overcome when one starts climbing up the career ladder. But for the organizations, employees that are new to the workforce provide passion and new energy, while also freeing up critical capacity for more experienced employees. But, most crucially, they bring new technological capabilities and novel ideas.

They see technology as a means of removing complexity, streamlining the overall work experience, and connecting, collaborating, and creating with actual people, thus making them great assets for a company. Meet three such software development engineers, who are amongst the youngest members at Tanla, as they take us through their journey from campus placements to working at one of the World’s largest CPaaS players - Tanla.


Where it all started – campus placements

Having recently completed his graduation in Computer Science and Engineering from VNIT, Subhaag Chowdhury joined Tanla’s Trubloq compliance team. In the six months that he has been at Tanla, Subhaag has been trained to manage compliance and complaint issues with Tanla's clients who are unable to register consents on the DLT platform. Having been hired through campus placements, he walks us through the process. “I heard about Tanla for the first time during my campus placements. From the job description provided and a little research on my end, it was evident that Tanla had major plans of scaling up. What caught my eye was their Trubloq platform, which processes 63% of India's A2P SMS traffic, making it the world's largest Blockchain use-case, implying significant development responsibilities, which only encouraged me to apply.”

“The hiring process was conducted virtually and had 5 rounds. The first round was a test on technical assessment which was followed by 4 rounds of interviews. Each interview round focused on a different aspect: the first went over basic coding abilities, DSAs, and theories needed for programming and development in greater depth. The second round was majorly about the projects I did during my college, whereas in the third round, they tested my knowledge of Tanla’s tech stack. The final round was with the Director who was checking how much I knew about the functionalities and operations of the different tech stacks. In fact, this round with the Director gave me clarity on what my role would entail, as he walked me through Tanla’s current projects – Wisely and Trubloq. Tanla was looking for candidates who had the drive and vigor to work on the latest technology in the domain. Despite having a previous offer from an MNC, I chose to join Tanla, as my primary focus was on learning, and I also wanted to be a part of an organization that encourages its employees to work and grow in a free environment.”


On to the next stage - onboarding

Tejaswi Kundur, a graduate of IIITDM Jabalpur is a Software Development Engineer-I in the Golang back-end development for the Wisely platform. Tejaswi, like Subhaag, was hired through college campus placements and shares her virtual onboarding and induction experience with us.

“We were around 24 campus hires from different colleges. Our remote onboarding process was very well planned and executed. In fact, we received our joining kits exactly on our first day at work. The HR team briefly walked us through Tanla as a brand, its wholly-owned subsidiaries Karix and Gamooga along with the various products and platforms. Tharun Chunchu, an Electronics and Communications Engineer graduate from IIIT Pune said, “After a week of getting to know about the different departments in the organization, I was assigned to my team in Gamooga, where I would begin my training. Two weeks into learning JavaScript, Node.js, and Vue.js through tutorials and other resources, the 6 trainees at Gamooga had to present 3 technologies such as Kafka and Firebase, in teams of 2, to our manager. We had to present a project on functionality that we found interesting in the third leg of our induction. This entire training process on Gamooga technology along with the onboarding lasted for about 1-1.5 months post which we were given access to the project management tool and assigned tasks based on our evaluation during this time.


Current projects at Tanla

Tejaswi found her strength in developing software while working on a few projects during college. The opportunity to work on Wisely, Tanla’s patented enterprise-grade platform that offers private, secure, and trusted experiences for enterprises and mobile carriers, has been the most significant and intriguing aspect of Tejaswi's transition from academia to corporate life. As a newcomer to the industry, she got involved with one of the most disruptive CPaaS platforms, and that has been a tremendous learning experience for her. “It's as if you've stepped out of your comfort zone and into a world full of uncertainties. But for someone like me, who is interested in Blockchain and AI, gaining hands-on training on some of the most revolutionary and intriguing technology is very important and it has been possible at Tanla.

Tharun landed at Tanla while looking for a career linked to web development. Along with working on cloud computing, he is also in charge of debugging the Gamooga website and adding new features. He learned new technologies like Vue.js and Node.js only after joining Tanla. “I was working on the customer retention model for Gamooga's clients in the development team, using technologies like Hawkeye. Our clients would benefit from this software because it will allow them to track the users coming to their website."

“At Tanla, I am not only improving on my research capabilities but also learning good documentation, updating codes, and using GitHub more effectively.” Tharun has picked up on the website's detailed functionality, architecture, and learning in just 1.5 months. “With Tanla's quick growth and innovative culture, I am excited to learn more about AI and machine learning in the coming years.”


With the business landscape and customer needs constantly changing, organizations require young employees who are attentive and able to use tech to adapt and change constantly. However, to attract youthful talent, the organization must also reflect modern expectations, growth opportunities, and the ever-increasing importance of technology in their lives. These three young developers see Tanla as an organization where they can foster technical innovation by pursuing and realizing their dreams. And only those organizations that recognize the vigor in today’s youth will be able to seize the great talent that they possess.

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